Week of 11/18



  • The web team engaged senior leadership in a small-group feedback activity. We appreciate the feedback we received. We are currently working through the feedback with the section owners.
  • Final reviews with Dean Hess and the section owners commence on 12/2
  • Site launch is tentatively scheduled for 1/21


  • We have piloted a review and approval process for faculty profile pages that will be on all the department sites. The process which will be replicated by all departments engages faculty in defining select information for their web profile.
  • We have been working with faculty to identify the information that will appear on their profile.

Robot Lunch

On Friday, a few of us decided to give the housing robot food delivery system a go. The food was good – we had customizable choices from four of Housing’s establishments. Our selections came from DeJope Residence Hall. We were able to watch “our” robot carry our food along Lakeshore path, up Observatory Drive to lot 9 behind and around Science Hall, then up Bascom Hill to the side entrance of the Education building.  It was a hoot.

Food service delivery robot
Campus food service delivery robot.