Workflow: faculty web profiles


The faculty web profile content will continue to be powered by Digital Measures software. Digital Measures is a web-based interface that stores faculty activities for use in a variety of ways. Faculty can easily generate CVs and Professional Activity Reports (among others), while administration can use the information for submitting public information to U.S. News and World Reports and other ranking entities. For the web site, the data is used to display the education, publications, presentations, creative works, and awards & honors on individual faculty pages.

General Workflow

All faculty in the school have Digital Measures accounts created for them upon their hire. The office of Communications and Advancement has student staff who will enter activities into the database on the behalf of faculty.

Web Profile Workflow

The web profile workflow process was piloted and refined with C&I.

Graphic that shows the steps of the Digital Measures workflow.
Digital Measures Web profile workflow
  1. email query sent to faculty requesting an electronic copy of their cv with the following items highlighted for inclusion on their web profile
  2. web team imports the highlighted items into the Digital Measures software
  3. web team emails report to faculty for edits or approval
  4. web team will make updates to reflect edits by faculty
  5. web team sends new report to faculty for edits or approval. repeat steps 4 and 5 until
  6. faculty emails approval to web team