University of Wisconsin–Madison

SoE has partnered with KW2 to improve its online presence and ensure an accessible experience for all users. Read about our journey below!


SoE has engaged KW2 to improve its online presence by simplifying its sites’ information architecture, providing a consistent experience across sites, increasing the visual interest of the sites and ensuring a responsive experience for mobile users.

SoE has recently undertaken a strategic shift in how it markets its academic offerings, grouping its diverse academic department into subject clusters: Arts, Education and Health. This redesign will help SoE align its online presence with this strategic shift, with:

  • A primary SoE site that introduces SoE research, academics, and broader themes across the school, as well as a home for associated business units and affiliated services.
  • Three cluster sites for Arts, Education and Health that allow SoE’s academic departments to better cross-promote offerings, as well as offer more in-depth content for prospective and current students, faculty, staff and alumni.

As part of this project, SoE would like to restructure the architecture of its website ecosystem, and make it easier for users to find the information they’re looking for. Currently, relevant content is scattered across many sites and sub-domains. These sites do not offer the user a consistent, branded experience, and in some cases, are not clearly identified as a department, unit or affiliate of SoE.

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