Week of 12/2



  • We are working with DoIT who is setting up our AWS WordPress production multi-site (the permanent home of the live websites)


  • We are working with the Hub site section owners to incorporate feedback which will address the following hub site sections:
    • Student Life 
    • Research
    • Outreach 
    • Scholarship and Funding  
    • About
    • Academic Enrichment which has been added to address some content areas that previously were located in the Student Life Section
  • Once these changes have been approved by the section owners, the pages will be reviewed with Dean Hess, and the hub site will be migrated from U-Mark’s development area to the WordPress production multi-site
  • Launch for the Hub, Business Office and C&I sites are planned at the end of January 2020.  However, this launch date is dependent on the time required to complete all hub reviews, including reviews with Dean Hess.

The Business Office Site

  • Are you wondering why this is the first you have read about the Business Office site? Well read on. There was some question early in the design process as to whether the office would be part of the Hub site, or stay as a spoke site. U-Mark recommended that the Business Office site remain a spoke site.
  • The Business Office spoke site will need to be incrementally improved after launch, because not all content is expected to be finalized by the launch date


  • The C&I spoke site is almost complete
  • The site needs to be migrated to the WordPress production multi-site 
  • The Digital Measures plug-in needs to be installed and checked on the WordPress production multi-site
  • The faculty page and one page of the research section are all that remain
  • We have been working with individual faculty to personalize their faculty bio pages.