Scope & Glossary

Project Scope

Based on the initial beta launch of the School of Education main site and three cluster sites, we are building a team and an iterative design process to support (a) need for department-level customization, (b) stakeholder feedback and approval throughout the stages of design, and (c) enough resources to support the project goals and design guidelines.

Migration of the websites from Sitefinity Content Management System (CMS) to WordPress CMS using a responsive design theme. Department spoke sites will use Digital Measures to populate faculty bio pages.

New sites for Global Education and Teacher Education Center were developed in WordPress.



CMS – Content Management System

HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language

SEO – Search Engine Optimization


Back-end – The back-end relates to how the site works, updates and changes. It’s basically everything the user can’t see from the front-end.

Content Management System (CMS) – A CMS refers to an online system in which end-users can create, change and edit website content through the use of an editor that doesn’t require HTML knowledge. These systems are often built by developers and used as a program so that non-developers can edit their content more easily. If a website did not make use of a CMS for content editing, any changes to text, images, or other content would have to be made through editing the code for a particular web page.

Front-end – The front-end is what appears in your browser when surfing the web. It refers to the part of the web that your users interact with.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) – HTML is an essential language for developers to use in order to specify content for a web page. It consists of tags and attributes that tell the browser what content the web page contains.

Layout – The organization of the website, including how pages will display.

Mock-up – A rendering of the graphical design of a page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – This simply means, getting your website found through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Sitefinity – Sitefinity is a CMS product.

WordPress – WordPress is a CMS product.