Update 4/30/2021

Wow, I thought I was going to be right back into the weekly updates when I wrote my last update, but I see that was three months ago! I apologize if anyone was concerned with lack of transparency.  On to the updates…

Web Redesign Project

Educational Psychology

  • Website scope and outcomes approved 1/25/2021 by Jim Wollack,  chair
  • Editorial feedback provided for entire website
  • Web team currently working on editorial feedback
  • Faculty profiles are 80% complete

Theatre and Drama

  • Website scope and outcomes approved 3/4/2021 by Dan Lisowski, chair
  • Prototype has been built and will be shared for editorial review soon
  • Faculty profiles are being developed
  • Profile photos are underway

Other Web projects

School of Education gallery website

The School of Education gallery, located in the Morgridge Commons in the Education Building has added an online exhibit space. The site launched with the exhibit “UW–Madison Alumni: A Legacy of Indigenous Perspectives”

Graduation web page

While this semester’s graduation will be held in person, we have supplemented the event with a web page and digital assets. Next week our team will highlight some of our students and their stories on https://education.wisc.edu and social media.

Infrastructure migration project

The project continues. In order to meet a pre-established deadline, our team had to move the remaining sites that are impacted by this project to a local server in the School of Education. There were a few small glitches in the migration, but all sites are now on the local server. Our team will review the process for migration of a site from the local server to our AWS environment. Once that process is considered stable, we will continue moving the sites to the AWS environment. Site owners have been notified throughout the project.

Web team changes

The web team has had some staffing changes this past month.

  • Missy Katner, our UX lead and Content Editor has taken a UX position with an external firm. We wish her well on all her future endeavors, and thank her for all her expertise and hard work she put into the web project.
  • Barb Smith Simons (that is me!) is retiring on May 4th. Yes, I chose the date specifically because of Star Wars, even though I’ve only seen the original three movies only once, during their first run in a theatre. I have enjoyed the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking of this team, and all of the faculty & staff in the School of Education whom I have worked with on this project and others.
  • Kari Dickinson a valuable member of the Communications and Advancement team has joined the web team to assist with writing and communications.

The office of Communications and Advancement and the web team would like to thank the departments we are currently working with (Educational Psychology and Theatre & Drama) while we shuffle some responsibilities around on the web team.

A Final Haiku

As this is my last post, I will write one last haiku. Thanks for reading!  Signing off – Barb Smith Simons

Thank you School of Ed
Great people doing great work
Now, On Wisconsin!