September 21-October 16, 2020


Counseling Psychology

  • The department has completed their feedback on the editorial
  • The new site has been moved to the production server
  • The site has been proofed
  • The site has undergone testing
  • Faculty bio pages are complete

    Next up:

    • October 20 – go/no-go meeting scheduled with chair Steve Quintana to receive final launch approval
    • Launch scheduled for October 29, 2020


  • Site layout prototype was shared with department and approved by chair Andrea Harris
  • Changes have been made to  the layout based on department feedback
  • Editorial review, part 1 (E1) is underway
  • Photo selection and cropping is ongoing
  • Faculty and staff engagement for the bio pages has begun

    Next up:

    • Feedback on E1 is due
    • Profile photography
    • Editorial review, part 2 (E2)
    • Faculty and staff profile iterations
    • Projected launch date: ~ December 1-8

Planning for Phase 3 & 4

  • Review of the design process used in Phase 1 & 2.
  • Preliminary schedule developed

    Up Next:

    • Web team will reach out to the four remaining departments (Ed Psych, Theatre & Drama, Kinesiology, and Art) to share our production process and preliminary schedule with the department chairs.


  • Layout modifications complete

Infrastructure Projects


  • The School of Education is undergoing necessary server-hosting and service-level changes for websites in two WordPress hosting environments. Website administrators will be notified if the migration will impact their website. This is a staged project.
  • Progress

    • CALS>>Web SL2                  4 sites migrated/6 sites total
    • CALS>>Wiscweb SL1NC     0/9
    • CALS>>Wiscweb SL1TC      0/28
    • CALS>>Arch                          0/8
    • CALS>>Del                             0/20
    • CALS>>Root                           0/2

WordPress updates

  • Updates to the WordPress platform (v11.1), and campus theme (5.2) are complete on our development, QA, and production servers.

    Up Next:

    • PhP updates are being tested on our development and QA server environments before implementing on the production server environment.