Week of 11/11



  • We have completed the first review of the following Hub sections. Section owners shown in parentheses.
    • Student Life (Christina Klawitter, LaVar Charleston)
    • Academics (Christina Klawitter, Barbara Gerloff)
    • Admissions & Aid (Christina Klawitter, Barbara Gerloff)
    • Research (Carolyn Kelley, Dorothy Farrar Edwards)
    • About (Carolyn Kelley, Colleen Howes, Betsy Burnes, Martha Vukelich-Austin, Jody Moen, Todd Finkelmeyer)
    • News/Events (Todd Finkelmeyer)
  • The changes identified during the review meetings are now in-progress in preparation for a final review with each section owner.
  • We plan to launch ~mid-end of January 2020.


  • The following sections of the C&I website are complete and awaiting the final approval before launch
    • Home
    • Academics
    • Admissions & Aid
    • Research
  • People pages remains to be finalized
    • Ongoing approvals of profile photos and web profile content by individual faculty
    • Ongoing approvals of profile photos by individual staff
  • We plan to launch ~mid-end of January 2020.


  • Chair Nancy Kendall has approved the site outcomes and sitemap.