Week of 4/20/2020



  • Editorial review of all content was received from department
  • Editorial changes have started
  • Final approvals of faculty profile have been sent

Up Next

    • Editorial changes based on feedback
    • Site proof reading and testing
    • Site server migration 
    • Site launch on target for 5/29-6/11


  • Site Outcomes and Scope meeting held on 4/23
  • Faculty profile updates have begun

Up Next

    • Site outcomes and scope approval due 4/27
    • Pre-development content updates due week of 4/27
    • Prototype presentation 4/30
    • Faculty profile feedback due 5/1


  • Site Outcomes and Scope meeting scheduled for 5/7
  • Pre-development content links shared


  • The web team is assisting in the development of the School of Education graduation materials.