Week of 4/17/2020



  • The team continues to make great progress on the EPS and RPSE department sites and has commenced work on the ELPA department site. 

WordPress Server Migration

  • We have started planning for the migration of the ~78 School of Education sites which are hosted by CALS to the School of Education WordPress multisite hosted on the campus AWS environment

Sitefinity CMS Infrastructure

The School has been transitioning sites off of the Sitefinity CMS to WordPress during this project.  Our current schedule has us completing the migration of all School of Education sites from Sitefinity by the end-of-December 2020.  Sitefinity sites include: EPS, RPSE, ELPA, CP, Dance, WISCAPE, and other back-end technology sites.

  • The server that hosts the Sitefinity sites was down for a period last week. An infrastructure team worked with campus Cybersecurity to determine the issue.
  • Security patches have been applied
  • We agreed a plan to manage the sitefinity upgrade that must be completed by the end-of-December 2020. We decided to only undertake the upgrade if we are unable to complete the migration of all SoE sites from Sitefinity by the end-of-December 2020.
  • We will assess our schedule in September 2020 and if there is a risk that we will be unable to complete the migrations of all Sitefinity sites to WordPress by by the end-of-December 2020, we will upgrade any sites that will still remain on Sitefinity prior to December 2020.