Week of 4/27/2020


This has been a very busy week for the web team. We have juggled 5 sites this week!

Spring 2020 Graduation

The graduation web page is now live! Additional features will be added to the page through May 8.


  • Final editoral feedback and content was received this week and the team is finishing up the changes.
  • Link to website on QA server will be sent to the Chair on 5/1 (that is today for anyone wondering when I wrote this post)

Up next for EPS

    • Complete proof reading of entire site
    • Complete testing of entire site
    • Migrate site from the QA server to the production server in preparation for launch
    • Final go/no meeting is set for May 6, 2020
    • Launch on schedule between 5/29-611!


  • The web team presented the RPSE prototype to a department team

Up next for RPSE

    • Faculty profile information due 5/1
    • Prototype layout feedback is due 5/8
    • Editorial review begins 5/19


  • ELPA website outcomes and scope meeting scheduled for 5/7


  • Made some adjustments to the Research section of the C&I website

Sitefinity security patches

  • The security patches have been applied and tested on the remaining Sitefinity websites.

And that folks, ends a very busy week!