Week of 11/4


  • It snowed this week. There are still leaves on the trees.
  • We have aligned the launch of the C&I site and the hub site.  Therefore, both sites will launch ~Mid-End-January 2020.  
  • We have updated the Phase I timeline on the Next Steps and Timeline web page


  • We are working through the final Hub site reviews.
  • We met with the Student Life (and Diversity) section owners on 11/4.  Proposals to address the feedback provided during the meeting are now being developed for review by the section owners.
  • We have agreed on the approach to provide people pages on the Hub and Spoke sites. 
    • The hub site will initially provide a search of the wisc directory while the Spoke sites will pull more in depth information on faculty from Digital Measures.  Once all department spoke sites are complete, we will revisit whether to also provide faculty information from Digital Measures on the Hub people pages.


  • We are working through the final C&I site reviews. We have completed Home, About, Academics, Admissions & Aid, and Research. 
  • We are working with individual faculty members to review and approve their web profile information (powered by Digital Measures) and profile photos.
  • We completed user testing (UX) and link checking of the site


  • We are defining the scope and site map for EPS.