Week of 8/5

Activities this week

  • The team met with 4 departments (C&I, Counseling Psych, EPS, and ELPA) to obtain feedback and approval of the proposal for what will be “common” elements across all department spoke sites versus what are “flexible” elements. We will engage with the remaining departments by 9/10/19. The team will proceed building the C&I site  based on the current proposal and adjust the site as needed.If we get feedback from the remaining departments which necessitates a change to the design.
  • The team has developed a proposal for managing news and events across the hub and spoke sites and is engaging with University Marketing on the technical aspects of this functionality
  • We have finalized the scope and outcomes documents for the Hub site and C&I spoke site.  
  • We have created a checklist covering all items which will be designed, developed, and tested for the Hub site and C&I spoke site. This checklist will be used to coordinate and track all activities including pre-launch testing.
  • University marketing has competed the hub wireframes ready for review with the website team on 8/12.
  • The team has engaged with Teacher Education Center (TEC) stakeholders and identified what changes are needed to the “unpublished” TEC wordpress web site to make it ready to publish. A preliminary timeline for making these changes and deploying the site has been agreed with TEC.
  • We have engaged with EPS and identified the changes needed to the current EPS site.  We plan to make these changes in August 2019.

Upcoming Activities 

  • Department spoke site common versus flexible elements approval by remaining departments
  • Approval by all departments of News/Events proposal
  • TEC website changes required on “unpublished” TEC wordpress site
  • Changes to current EPS site
  • Revise Hub wireframes after review with the website team on 8/12/19
  • C&I spoke site wireframes for review with website team
  • Editorial and Images for C& I site