Week of 7/29



Phased approach to the project

  • The team defined and proposed a phasing approach for the project. 
    • School of Education Senior Leadership approved the phasing approach on 7/23/19 at the Senior Leadership Retreat.
    • School Chairs approved the phasing approach on 7/31/19 at the Chairs Planning Retreat.


Phased approach overview
Phased approach overview


      • Phase 1 (Pilot phase)
        • Main School of Education site
        • One department site – Curriculum and Instruction (C&I).  We will create repeatable processes which can be used to efficiently develop other department sites!
      • Phase 2 – Remaining departments in Sitefinity
        • Educational Policy Studies
        • Rehabilitation Psychology & Special Education
        • Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
        • Counseling Psychology
        • Dance
      • Phase 3 – Remaining units in Sitefinity to incorporate into academic department sites
        • WISCAPE into ELPA
        • EPTC (TBD)
      • Phase 4 – Optimize sites that were already in WordPress as of July, 2019 (Art, Kinesiology, Educational Psychology, Theatre & Drama, MERIT) and migrate unit sites that were part of the original project plan (CCBC, The Network, Testing & Evaluation)


  • The team has finalized a detailed schedule for developing the School of Education and Curriculum and Instruction (C&I)  sites.
School of Education Phase I timeline overview
School of Education Phase I timeline overview

Departmental site navigation elements: Common and flexible

  • The team is currently proposing to key department stakeholders, what will be common elements across all department sites versus what are flexible elements, which can be tailored to a department’s unique needs. 

Engagement with Stakeholders 

  • The team is developing a detailed engagement plan for socializing designs, acquiring feedback from stakeholders, and approval for designs.


  • Colleen Howes and Andy Cunningham gave a project update presentation at the chairs planning retreat on 7/31
  • The web team had common vs. flexible elements presentation with C&I, ELPA, EPS, and Counseling Psychology.


Development Progress

  • University marketing is currently reviewing the current hub navigation and utility menus in preparation for creating the first draft wireframes for the hub site.
  • School of Education web developers are working on custom page elements for the departmental sites.
  • Staff photographer is working with departments to schedule profile photos of all faculty/staff.