Week of 8/12



  • The first draft of SoE Hub site wireframes from University Marketing reviewed by the Website team. Feedback provided to UMark on 8/16.
  • Created the Website Feature Checklist that will be used to guide the scope, design, development, and testing of the Hub and C&I spoke sites. Content writing continues…


  • News and Events design reviewed and approved by C&I & RPSE. Other departments to follow. The News & Events functionality will allow for the Comm team to publish stories on the hub site and push relevant stories to department sites. Departments will receive the requisite training to update their own news/events pages as well.
  • Common versus flexible spoke site elements reviewed and approved by C&I, Counseling Psych, EPS, ELPA, and RPSE. Other departments to follow.
  • C&I department site outcomes and scope presented and approved by C&I.
  • Presented an update at the Admin Forum meeting and handed out cards with the URL of the project web pages. Project update and URL will be included in meeting notes and sent out to all Admin Forum members.

Other Exciting News

  • We’ve added a section to this website called Key Decisions. Here we will keep track of milestone decisions and approvals.
  • The Communications and Advancement team almost went on a Lake Mendota adventure. We were planning a SUP (stand-up-paddle boarding) event to follow our weekly SUP (stand-up-meeting), but the Hoofer’s horn sounded just before we left the office. We’ve rescheduled for another day – stay tuned!