Week of 6/24



  • Discovery meeting with Education Academic Services (EAS)


  • Writing content for the C&I site started this week. We met with C&I early in this process so we had enough feedback to start pulling together the information architecture and content for the team to react to


  • Nathan Fetter a recent computer science graduate from UW-Stevens Point has joined the team as a web developer. He will start July 1 and help with both back-end and front-end programming.
  • UMark is willing to dedicate resources and consulting time needed to support this project. We are working on the scope of work in order to get the appropriate resources.

Up Next

  • Meeting with Project Manager
  • Discovery meeting with RPSE
  • Meet with UMark on Tuesday to clarify roles/responsibilities
  • As we finish up our meetings, we will be working on our proposed site architecture. We are working toward identifying exact details of “hub and spoke”.
  • As we finish our meetings with department chairs and understand their needs as well as their availability to review content and site designs this summer, we will have a more detailed timeline to share.