Week of June 17



  • Discovery meetings were held with Dance, Counseling Psychology, Curriculum & Instruction and the Business Office. From a departmental standpoint, we are hearing that the need for autonomy is paramount, and the multisite organization did not allow for that.
  • The internal web team meets regularly on Monday afternoons to continue the design thinking process and keep communication open between functional areas.


  • A meeting with Andy Cunningham (Project Manager) is scheduled for July 1.
  • We are finalizing the hire of a web developer on a project appointment. He will stary July 1 and support the back-end (programming) aspects of the build as well as build pages and customization of the theme.
  • We’ve had conversations with DoIT WiscWeb and University Marketing about additional team support.
    • DoIT could have developer support available in August
    • U-Mark will have developer and page builders (content migration) available for the project as well.

IT Infrastructure

  • Felipe Gacharná and Barb Simons met with Dean Winger and Chris Dowling of MERIT Infrastructure to discuss the process and timeline for migrating all School of Education WordPress sites (~80) to the Campus AWS cloud. We will make recommendations to the School of Education IT Infrastructure for project timeline so that it supports the new web project instead of pulling resources from the project.

Next Up

Discovery meetings with Education Leadership and Policy Analysis (ELPA), Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education (RPSE) and Education Academic Services (EAS) have been scheduled.