Week of 1/6/2020

Happy New Year!

With a new year comes new websites! We are on track to launch the main School of Education (aka Hub), Curriculum & Instruction, and Business Office websites on January 27!


  • Migrated the hub site from the University Marketing server to the School of Education QA server for final development.
  • Continued to hold final review meetings with section owners
  • Began planning an “Experience the Website” event
  • Lockdown editor access to education.wisc.edu
  • Completed usability (UX) testing
  • Up Next
    • Final testing, including accessibility testing to be conducted January 13-17
    • Final approvals with Dean Hess and section owners January 13-14
    • Share QA site link with senior leadership January 16
    • “Go/No-go” pre-launch meeting with Dean Hess January 22
    • Experience the Website event January 23
    • Launch January 27/28


  • Migrated C&I site to QA server for final development
  • Completed UX testing
  • Finalized web profiles for faculty
  • Received final approval of C&I site – approved for launch!
  • Lockdown editor access to ci.education.wisc.edu
  • Sent faculty preview links to web profiles
  • Up Next
    • Launch January 27/28


  • Continued work on editorial copy
  • Continued work on wire frame
  • Sent faculty a first call for web profile information
  • Held faculty/staff profile photography sessions
  • Up Next
    • Build out draft site on QA server
    • Meet with EPS chair and editor to present first draft
    • Date TBD

Business Office

  • Up Next
    • Meet with teri engelke and José Escobar to discuss pre-launch steps January 14
    • Migrate the development site from the University Marketing server to the School of Education QA server in preparation for launch
    • Launch January 27/28