Week of 9/30

We are picking up speed!

The Hub

  • This week, University Marketing (U-Mark) and members of the web team met with most section stakeholders for the hub site to share page mock-ups and listen to feedback. Stakeholders are beginning to see how the website will look and function. Continuing next week, we will meet with the remaining stakeholders for the hub site.
  • U-mark is beginning to work on a few custom features for our sites as well. We are excited to see some new filtering capabilities, integration of our Digital Measures data, and adding a news sharing feature that will allow the Office of Communications and Advancement to push editorial content to the news feeds on the spoke sites.


  • The web team has developed a prototype for the C&I website and will present it to department representatives next week.
  • John Rudolph, department chair, has approved the deadline schedule for the remainder of the project.
  • Usability (UX) testing, proofreading, and functionality testing has been scheduled for early November.
  • Faculty & staff portrait photography is 75% complete
  • Web staff are working to update faculty members’ Digital Measures data. This data will be used to populate the bio, education, publication, presentation, and awards and honors information on faculty bio pages. Each faculty member will be asked to approve the information that will be displayed on their web profile prior to launch.  We are at 18% completion.


  • We will begin work on EPS project scope and outcomes next week and will make a presentation to the EPS project representatives on October 24
  • Faculty & staff portrait photography will begin next week