Week of 9/16

Key Decisions

The common vs. flexible elements and news and events functionality have been approved by all ten academic chairs.

Ongoing Activity

The web team estimates that we will have completed the C&I Spoke site “layout” prototype by EoD Friday, 9/20/19.  This is 5 days ahead of schedule!  We are developing the C&I site in 2 steps. 1st step is to develop the prototype to the point that we can review the layout with C&I.  The 2nd step will be used to finish the site by adding any missing editorial and images. Some additional images are needed that will require additional photography.  We are actively scheduling the new photography!

University Marketing is actively developing the Hub site mock-ups. The first mock-up review with the web team is scheduled for 9/23. 

We are developing a detailed review and approval schedule for the C&I site and Hub site. Once the approval schedules have been finalized during the week of 9/23/19, we will send the approval schedules to relevant stakeholders.  Some adjustments may then be needed to accommodate stakeholder availability.

Up Next

  • September 23: Internal web team review of Hub and C&I Mock-ups
  • September 23: C&I profile photography session
  • September 24: University Marketing attends senior staff meeting for an introduction and listening session
  • October 8: University Marketing presents hub site mock-ups to executive stakeholders
  • October 15: Senior staff review of hub site mock-ups
  • October 11: Internal web team presents department prototype to C&I Stakeholders. This meeting begins a feedback and iterate process from 10/22-11/11.